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Special edition dvd
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Video Universe - Hot Movies At Low Prices!

The script - second draft, december 12 1973 !!! Quite different from the final movie and therefore very interesting. Scanned as a pdf-file (available NOW) for $ 12 !!

Region-free PAL (!) dvd-r+
of lookalikes that are still unavailable on dvd. These are copies of European VHS-tapes (Dutch subtitles included), $15 (ex. shipping):

Very RARE MOVIES on dvd-r+
I have a strange collection of popular B-movies that are still unavailable on vhs or dvd. I sell copies of these European VHS-tapes (Dutch subtitles included, sorry) for $15 (ex. shipping).
Titles available now (more coming, if wanted):

  • 5 for hell (Italian "Dirty Dozen" rip off with Klaus Kinski)
  • Blood Beach (Jaws on the beach, that is - under the sand)
  • Blue Island (Italian "Blue Lagoon" rip-off with Sabrina Sianni)
  • Cheerleaders' Wild Weekend (with Kristine DeBell)
  • Hard to die ("Die Hard" rip-off with girls in lingerie with guns)
  • Sidecar racers (with "Alias Smith and Jones"-star Ben Murphy)

RARE moviescript
The original "Alien vs Predator" script from 1991 by Peter Briggs. According to many true fans it would have made a much better movie then the one that finally came to the screen. Scanned as a pdf-file for $ 12. Bonus: 5 pages of storyboards for the original "Aliens" movie !

ET II (treatment)
Steven Spielberg and Melissa Mathison wrote a treatment of 10 pages in 1982 for an ET sequel "ET II: Nocturnal Fears". Scanned as a pdf-file for $ 3 only !

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